Not Walking, Anymore ?

I have always loved to walk, and now to find out in my later years because of the severe R.A. I have,  surgery is not an option for me. The orthopedic surgeon told me yesterday ” You are not a candidate for knee surgery. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you.”

That was hard to take, and now  a little over 2

Pillars of Strength, I Need to be Like This

4 hours have passed. I’m going to accept this, as that’s really all I can do, being the person that I am. I’m grateful I’m still alive and have a scooter to drive down the sidewalks and across the roads.

I was referred back to my specialist R.A. and bone doctor. My regular every 3 months checkup is not until October 22nd, with labs to be done a week before the appointment.

My knee joints are still there, but not much is left of them. X-rays showed they are pretty much eaten by rheumatoid arthritis. My former RA Doc had told me around five years ago that this disease would progress and get worse, not better, and to be prepared. One cannot be prepared for something like this!

My life as I have known it, is about to change drastically. A broken wrist which I woke up with Monday morning, does not make matters any easier to tolerate.

God has our lives all planned out for us before we are born. I know in my heart “there’s a reason for everything.” I have to accept this and deal with it.

It’s going on 6:30p.m. here now and I have not made anything for supper. There’s just myself, so I think I’ll make a white albacore tuna salad sandwich and jello will be dessert.

I have several Lean Cuisine microwave dinners in the freezer, but am just not that hungry tonight. Methotrexate injections will do that to a body, lol ! That injection messes with the body, but does help with calming the inflammation without interferring with the coumadin I take.


Emotions and True Friends

I so wish I would have handled a situation earlier this year.

 I was also hurt but the person who I hurt, although I was going through the loss of my real Dad,  plus a dear friend who also passed away, plus physical health issues, I said (typed) words, words that hurt this person ( a very dear, very special friend )

 I did’nt realize or take the time to realize that they were going through the same thing . Looking back, it was silly really and was none of my business, but I “thought” it was.
I’m born in July and am very emotional, and most true friends last forever in my life.

I’m one that forgives and forgets but some say they can forgive, but cannot forget.

So a friendship that has been years , has been fractured, broken by both of us. It’s not just a one-sided thing. I was hurt also. I was struggling, also. But they were hurting too, so they could not see beyond their own hurt.

I’m very sorry right from my heart and if this person does not wish me to be in their life, that’s their right.

I just have to learn from *my own* mistakes and go on living the life God gave me.

Amtrak Station Tampa To Miami

This is me, Sunny, going to Miami Beach! Click on the photo to enlarge

This is me a year ago, waiting patiently and so happy and excited to be going on my vacation to Miami Beach! I’m sitting in the Tampa Amtrak Station, and my friend Bob took this picture. Amtrak is so fun and is currently the only way I can travel. I’m planning a trip ( long journey) to my home state of Michigan on Amtrak  for next year around September. I’ll have to book a little bedroom though. It’s a 4 day trip!

Up In The Air

Click on the photo to make larger


This is where I live ~ up in the air ! I never thought I would be living in a high-rise apartment building, but here I am, retired and living on the 11th floor of a downtown high-rise apartment building  for residents 62 and up.

It was so different, after moving from a small town back home in Michigan, a beautiful little country town with a river that runs all around it.

I have an amazing view and can see downtown Tampa on a clear day. It’s so cool to watch the pelicans when they fly by, if I happen to be lucky enough to see them before they are gone.

I feel like a bird up here in my “eleventh floor nest” lol. A friend, Ron, even made a movie ( Video ) of me cloned into a big bird, haha 🙂  I’ll have to go find it and post it here later.

Today I woke up and have my day planned already, as it’s doctor appointment day. That  will take up most of the time, and I also need to go shopping at the market for food items I have run out of.

I’m also going to try and get some reading done, write some notecards and get mailed out, and make today just as relaxing as I can.

Miami Beach Florida

Here is another photo I took while on vacation in Miami Beach last year.

My most fave place to sink my toes into the sand

I used to actually live right across the street from here, as this is the 38th street entrance from the boardwalk, to the beach. Collins Avenue is a 1/2 block back west from here. The apartment building  was being gutted and renovated in 2009, and I was sad to see the place go, as it was in good shape and very Art Deco-ish! But developers wanted to make it newer and get more “money.”

Miami Beach Photo I Took From The Boardwalk

This is a picture  I took while on vacation in Miami Beach Florida last year. Miami Beach was my home for a good long while. Today I woke up thinking of friends , so many friends that are now gone to be at Peace, or have moved and we all have lost contact. One of them is Paul but he’s very ill now. It’s so sad…he did’nt even know me when I was there to visit him.  Paul is “one of the bunch” of us who all hung out together. He is in his late 70’s  ~

Anyway,  I just love the three palm trees I captured in this picture with the sun rays ~

I took this from the board walk last year, while on vacation