Miami Beach Florida

Here is another photo I took while on vacation in Miami Beach last year.

My most fave place to sink my toes into the sand

I used to actually live right across the street from here, as this is the 38th street entrance from the boardwalk, to the beach. Collins Avenue is a 1/2 block back west from here. The apartment building  was being gutted and renovated in 2009, and I was sad to see the place go, as it was in good shape and very Art Deco-ish! But developers wanted to make it newer and get more “money.”


8 thoughts on “Miami Beach Florida

  1. Hi Sunny, Glad to see you on WordPress. I hope you like it here. Thanks for coming by my place. I enjoyed your pictures and am glad to hear from you. I am sorry to hear about your health problems and hope that things are better for you soon. Love and hugs.

  2. Hi Judy 🙂 Thankyou! I’m glad to be here, too. 🙂 U R welcome my friend ~ I just went looking for you and found you via yoru Blogger blog link……Thanks ~ time will pass, and this too shall be but another chapter in the road of life 🙂 Love and hugs you back

  3. Hi Dani 🙂 Thanks ~ it really is peaceful, well at times, depends what time of day or night ,lol. You and Rob would love a vacation there, I know for sure! xoxo

  4. I actually went to college in Florida for two years… Loved it. The beaches there are absolutely beautiful… and I can’t help but smile every time I see a palm tree. 🙂

  5. Hi Nicci ~ Me too! I love the palm trees, so relaxing. College in Florida …. I so wish I had went to college ! But I attend Computer Science Institute. Got my degree too 🙂

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