Amtrak Station Tampa To Miami

This is me, Sunny, going to Miami Beach! Click on the photo to enlarge

This is me a year ago, waiting patiently and so happy and excited to be going on my vacation to Miami Beach! I’m sitting in the Tampa Amtrak Station, and my friend Bob took this picture. Amtrak is so fun and is currently the only way I can travel. I’m planning a trip ( long journey) to my home state of Michigan on Amtrak  for next year around September. I’ll have to book a little bedroom though. It’s a 4 day trip!


6 thoughts on “Amtrak Station Tampa To Miami

  1. Dani ~ well….being on the train is just fun all by itself 🙂 But there’s mealtimes, books we can take along, newspapers to read, word puzzles, chatting with others, listening to my radio, and I have a new toy..a DVD player. Works so nice! I love it! It was on a big sale. I take it along to my doctor appointments. xoxo

  2. Dani ~ yes, a DVD portable player ( so cute and light-weight too) helps pass the time away. It also has a power cord to plug it in and save the battery. ( for a doctor’s waiting room for example! )

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