Emotions and True Friends

I so wish I would have handled a situation earlier this year.

 I was also hurt but the person who I hurt, although I was going through the loss of my real Dad,  plus a dear friend who also passed away, plus physical health issues, I said (typed) words, words that hurt this person ( a very dear, very special friend )

 I did’nt realize or take the time to realize that they were going through the same thing . Looking back, it was silly really and was none of my business, but I “thought” it was.
I’m born in July and am very emotional, and most true friends last forever in my life.

I’m one that forgives and forgets but some say they can forgive, but cannot forget.

So a friendship that has been years , has been fractured, broken by both of us. It’s not just a one-sided thing. I was hurt also. I was struggling, also. But they were hurting too, so they could not see beyond their own hurt.

I’m very sorry right from my heart and if this person does not wish me to be in their life, that’s their right.

I just have to learn from *my own* mistakes and go on living the life God gave me.


4 thoughts on “Emotions and True Friends

  1. Hi Sunny, Thanks for coming by. I hope this works out sometime in the future for you. Give it some time and maybe it will. If not, you have apologized. Good luck. We all make mistakes in this life and should be able to accept and give forgiveness. Love and hugs.

  2. Thankyou, Judy ~ this is the first time anything like this, with a friend, has happened to me. The person and their whole family will always be in my heart and my prayers. Love and hugs you back.

  3. If they were a true friend, they would understand. That’s what I have been taught. We all become ‘selfish’ at times in our lives and don’t think about others the way we should.

    We think that we are the only ones who have to deal or cope with certain situations and that’s not the case.

    I just shut down myself! After Cody passed, I posted it on my FB wall and only 5 out of the 115 “friends” that I have, said they werre sorry.

    That stung….bigtime. I have been there for so many of them through difficult times in their lives and I feel like I was left on the back burner. So…I closed down my FB page. And you know what, NOBODY has contacted me via ANYTHING since that dreadful day.

    Right now, I am too angry, but I will forgive….eventually. Sorry that I just wrote a book.


  4. Dani ~ I know….what it’s like to lose a doggie…and I know how much our pets are like our kids. Doggies especially, they are almost human. Still have you in my prayers…..and I know from the beginning, how much Cody meant to you.

    I’m so sorry about those friends on FaceBook. You do know that lots just want to “get friends for their list” right ? I was in FB for 3 months and had a unpleasant dysfunctional family scene there, so shut it down just after 3 months.

    Don’t be sorry about writing “a book.” 🙂 That’s what we have these things for….to write.


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