Not Walking, Anymore ?

I have always loved to walk, and now to find out in my later years because of the severe R.A. I have,  surgery is not an option for me. The orthopedic surgeon told me yesterday ” You are not a candidate for knee surgery. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you.”

That was hard to take, and now  a little over 2

Pillars of Strength, I Need to be Like This

4 hours have passed. I’m going to accept this, as that’s really all I can do, being the person that I am. I’m grateful I’m still alive and have a scooter to drive down the sidewalks and across the roads.

I was referred back to my specialist R.A. and bone doctor. My regular every 3 months checkup is not until October 22nd, with labs to be done a week before the appointment.

My knee joints are still there, but not much is left of them. X-rays showed they are pretty much eaten by rheumatoid arthritis. My former RA Doc had told me around five years ago that this disease would progress and get worse, not better, and to be prepared. One cannot be prepared for something like this!

My life as I have known it, is about to change drastically. A broken wrist which I woke up with Monday morning, does not make matters any easier to tolerate.

God has our lives all planned out for us before we are born. I know in my heart “there’s a reason for everything.” I have to accept this and deal with it.

It’s going on 6:30p.m. here now and I have not made anything for supper. There’s just myself, so I think I’ll make a white albacore tuna salad sandwich and jello will be dessert.

I have several Lean Cuisine microwave dinners in the freezer, but am just not that hungry tonight. Methotrexate injections will do that to a body, lol ! That injection messes with the body, but does help with calming the inflammation without interferring with the coumadin I take.


10 thoughts on “Not Walking, Anymore ?

  1. My sweet friend, my heart aches for you. Just remember, you are a SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been to hell and back, more then once, this will NOT get you. Keep on truckin’. All my love, thoughts and prayers. ALWAYS!


  2. Dani ~ Thankyou…yes, we both have and are both survivors ! But…I don’t feel much like one today…now a hand surgeon vascular, will be looking at my left hand
    ( after I see the primary Doc and he finds me a good one) and the contracture that’s grown into my palm, fingernail piercing the skin, and a sticky substance is seeping out. Love thoughts and prayers for you too , always, XOXO

  3. How you doing today sweetie?

    You know, it’s ok to feel how you feel. Sometimes, you just gotta go with it.

    I wish I had a magic wand, because I would make you all better 🙂


  4. Hi Dani ~ Oh I’m okay I guess. I should and ma grateful for the broken wrist -pain being less, also my knees less pain too.

    Mad at myself because I missed Wizzy’s Five O’Clock Fridays.

    Magic wands would be nice 🙂 Thankyou, xoxo

  5. I am sorry for this shadowed part of your journey through life. Your words are an inspiration to others travelling a similar path. I am adding you to my subscriptions list, so I may accompany you, if that is okay.

  6. Thankyou, Maggie ~ I don’t know if I’d (presently) be an inspiration to others, as today has been a rough day, I know it’s only normal/natural, but tomorrow is a new day. Yes, of course it’s okay, and thanks……………hopefully I will update all my blogs tomorrow.

  7. Hi Sunny, So sorry to hear that you can no longer go for walks and about your hand. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You definitely are an inspiration to all of us. Love and hugs, Judy

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