Huge News !

The huge news is : I’m going to be a ” Great-Grandma ” this year, with baby due December 21st. I’m thrilled about this ! I received the good news on Sunday.

 My son Joe will be a Granpa at age 42! I wanted so much to post congrats and happyness on his FaceBook wall, but since he has not communicated with me since 1995, I felt un-comfortable and also did’nt want to make ‘waves.’

 I have some  riff-raff ex-relatives that are bent on hurting me.  So I’m just blogging about this, and of course, have talked with my Mom and my sister and my Aunt and Uncle. We are all so happy !!


4 thoughts on “Huge News !

  1. Hi Sunny, Congratulations on the new to be arrival. It was good to hear from you and thanks for coming by. I hope you are doing well and still loving sunny Florida. Have a great week.

  2. Thankyou very much 🙂 Yes, I’m doing pretty well ! Will always love this state of Florida ! Sorry I am late in replying…I hope you have a great week too and have had a nice Mother’s Day .

  3. Lori ~ Thankyou~ Yup, so-called riff-raff family. I’m doing just that…leaving FB was a big help….keeps me distanced from it all. Sorry to take so long replying ~ have been in a slump. *hugs* and thankyou for your hugs 🙂

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