Monday Monday

I sincerely hope all the Mom’s and Dad-Mom’s had a nice Mother’s Day Sunday. I sure did ! This is the first year in a very long time that I was actually happy. I am “happy” to have given birth to 5 beautiful children and now they are all grown and have families of their own, which makes me a Gramma and Great-Gramma!

I talked with my Mom and also my sister up in Michigan this morning…well in fact, I talked twice with Mom. 🙂 She is 87 now. Wow.

My friend Bob sent her a pretty Mother’s day card , as his Mom is passed away. I’m concerned for him tonight as he will be going into surgery at 9:00a.m. Monday for his eyes.

My friend Chris is driving him to the Va. hospital and picking him up a few hours later. I will help him when he gets home. He will have 11 days off from his part-time job so he can heal and re-couperate from the delicate eye surgery.


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