Memories Late Last Night

Last night as it was getting later, I was not quite ready to give up the day. I went over to the bookcase where I have DVD‘s and albums and stuff, and right away I picked out the DVD of my hometown of Belding, Michigan.

This was one of the gifts Mom sent me for Christmas last year. It is a real treasure. I enjoyed going back to another time in my life, a more simpler time, and was almost instantly relaxed, and felt comfort as I viewed this treasure of  time.

I say with much gratitude, “Thankyou” to the producers and to my Mom who sent it to me. I have watched it many times.

I usually get homesick early on in the Fall, but it just hit me yesterday, and this video of Belding was the perfect medicine !


2 thoughts on “Memories Late Last Night

  1. Hi Bob, Thanks , I guess the holidays make me just ‘stop’ and remember the nice times I had back when. Dreams and memories are all we have now. The past is gone, but not from my mind 🙂

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