Brand Name Prevacid by Rx and Over The Counter

Wow, I had to find out for myself what this ‘new’ OTC Prevacid  was like because of the affordable cost. I bought 3 pkg’s  at Walmart, thinking that it was “the same” as my prescribed brand name Prevacid I’d been taking for a few years. I have GERD. I need Prevacid because of the many toxic meds I take for severe R.A.  In 1990, my primary prescribed Prevacid for me to take as a “stomach Protector.” It did a great job…..until my insurance did not cover it anymore, because of the allowed OTC Prevacid.

Please read carefully : The OTC is for Heartburn , NOT GERD ! I called the manufacturing company and the rep said ” You are correct.” when I stated this product is nothing more than a glorified antiacid.

I have been taking the generic Lansoprazole for the past 4 years, as Prevacid is not covered on my Medicare/Insurance Supplement……Last night and today I have been on the phone, trying to get Prevacid covered on the formulary, because Lansoprazole generic has changed to another manufacturing company and it does not work !! I’ve been suffering so much and so sick for 48 hours now.

Bottom line : Over the counter Prevacid is for heartburn….NOT for GERD . This needs to be stated on the box front .


2 thoughts on “Brand Name Prevacid by Rx and Over The Counter

  1. Hi Sunny! Sorry to hear about the problems Big Pharma creates! They are only in it for the money. Hope you get the med your body really needs! Hugs!

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