My Relaxing Happy Saturday

I realize I’m a wee bit late with my weekly goal of posting once a week. That’s because I still am sick, but non-the-less, getting better each day  🙂

I began my day today with a leisurely breakfast, finally got showered and out of my pajamas, dressed for the day.

I had alot of change stashed away in a small sized Zip Loc bag and also my little leather burgundy change purse I bought in the former Woolworth’s store in Miami Beach way back in 1986 !

My local Publix is only five blocks away, so I hopped on Scoot and went  there to their really cool  money making machine ! I just poured all my change into the basin of the machine, and pressed  the ‘okay button.’  The machine made noises, and very soon, I had my receipt slip that said ” $27.00 and something.”  I took it to the customer service and received my green cash ! That was an awesome experience for me ! I was all smiles  😀

CVS is over on the opposite corner and I needed to go pick up my prescription of Desloratadine. That’s a generic of Clarinex. This is by a doctor’s prescription, only. The over-the-counter allergy meds don’t phase me at all. This “generic” was Eighty-four dollars and change.

I made a  albacore tuna sandwich for lunch , with a banana, and watched  The Weather Channel while eating.

After lunch was finished, it was time to really relax. I turned on some soothing Zen music, closing my eyes, praying to get over this sickness I’ve had for a month.

Later this afternoon, I watched a movie on The Hallmark Channel, and after that, bumped it down a notch to HGTV and that is currently what is on right now.   🙂

For dinner tonight I made sauteed chicken breast with  Bertelli extra virgin olive oil,  with basil sprinkled on the chicken. Fusilli gluten free pasta went with it.

I feel really good tonight. Better emotionally than physicaly, but less stress will always make us feel better.  🙂

And this concludes my Saturday.


2 thoughts on “My Relaxing Happy Saturday

  1. Hi Sunny. Glad to hear that you are getting better each day. Sounds like you generally had a good Saturday. Hope your Sunday is also relaxing and good to you.

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