About Sunny

I’m a friendly outgoing lady who is retired and living happily in the Tampa Bay area of St Petersburg, Florida.

I relocated here the last time, in 2000, from a beautiful small town in lower Michigan. It has a river that runs through it and lots of country roads and lakes, streams, clean streets and sidewalks, etc. There’s even a newly built riverwalk. It’s beautiful, right along the river , with a deck that sits way out with benches to rest and relax !

I have moved here for health reasons, and the sunshine and warm weather. I have lots of friends and a few very special friends here too 🙂  Relocation back to my home town in Michigan was just not meant to be.  I’m in touch frequently with my Mom, my son and family, and Aunt Fran.

I  am a Mom, Gramma, and GREAT gramma! I am an Aunt, sister, daughter and niece , and have family in Texas, Florida, Tenneesee, Lower Michigan ( my home town) and Upper Michigan

My interests are varied and many! Top ones are: Singing! reading, attending events and festivales , going out to the movies,meandering around farmer’s markets, museums, fine arts and historical. The beaches are a fave of mine where I go to relax and appreciate where I am at this point in life, and feel blessed.

Most importantly, it’s crucial for me to remain positive as much as I can , under the circumstances. I have celiac sprue, cervical spine issues, severe osteoporosis and rhuematiod arthritis, all over my body, not just in one or two places. Yes, life is difficult. My hands are still able to type with the left thumb, and the right fore-finger. 🙂 I was told  recently that I will not ever be able to walk again. UPDATE: I CAN NOW WALK AROUND INSIDE MY APARTMENT /APARTMENT BUILDING. Walking outside on the sidewalks all the time is still not possible, so I’m thankful for  for what I CAN do.

I have survived Thyroid cancer,  four pulmonary embolisms, four mini strokes and  one heart attack all since 1998.

You would not see all this by watching me on cam singing in SingSnap! My name there is Sunnylane and oh how I love to be able to do recordings there.

This sums up alot about me. That’s it for now 🙂


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