Nearing the End of 2013 Looking Forward

Well, hello ! I did have one more skin cancer to be taken out . It was a doozy. It was in my forehead, and growing roots toward my head !

It took two times going in and digging with that darn scalpel, but the good doctors got it all . Whew ! I am looking forward to a new year with no skin cancer !

Christmas Decor at My Home


Thanksgiving Blessings

This is my message for a blessed Thanksgiving to everyone. Everyone in the world has

something to be thankful for. I have a long list, although I’m not ‘rich’ persay, but I am so blessed with a few good real life friends, and family. I’m also thankful for my online friends.  This year has beenlife-altering for me, and I’m thankful it’s all turning out good!

I will be attending by special invitation , a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at 3:00 today, put on by some very special people in my apartment building. They wanted to have a meal for us who did’nt have any family or close friends here, and would otherwise be alone. The committee said ” we don’t want anyone here to be alone on Thanksgiving.” Okay! ” Thankyou!” 🙂

I made this video with xtranormal !