Memories Late Last Night

Last night as it was getting later, I was not quite ready to give up the day. I went over to the bookcase where I have DVD‘s and albums and stuff, and right away I picked out the DVD of my hometown of Belding, Michigan.

This was one of the gifts Mom sent me for Christmas last year. It is a real treasure. I enjoyed going back to another time in my life, a more simpler time, and was almost instantly relaxed, and felt comfort as I viewed this treasure of  time.

I say with much gratitude, “Thankyou” to the producers and to my Mom who sent it to me. I have watched it many times.

I usually get homesick early on in the Fall, but it just hit me yesterday, and this video of Belding was the perfect medicine !


Dear Word Press Blog

I am sorry I have forgotten all about you, dear blog. I just discovered you were still here ( fortunately ) when I was going through my desktop favorites looking for a special friend’s blog. I do have many words to write and will be doing that here  too. I see I need to do alot of updating in parts of this blog. Times has passed and so have decisions made and not been able to follow through with them. It’s not bad….it’s all good. 🙂 To all who are reading this, Happy Easter !!!!

Up In The Air

Click on the photo to make larger


This is where I live ~ up in the air ! I never thought I would be living in a high-rise apartment building, but here I am, retired and living on the 11th floor of a downtown high-rise apartment building  for residents 62 and up.

It was so different, after moving from a small town back home in Michigan, a beautiful little country town with a river that runs all around it.

I have an amazing view and can see downtown Tampa on a clear day. It’s so cool to watch the pelicans when they fly by, if I happen to be lucky enough to see them before they are gone.

I feel like a bird up here in my “eleventh floor nest” lol. A friend, Ron, even made a movie ( Video ) of me cloned into a big bird, haha 🙂  I’ll have to go find it and post it here later.

Today I woke up and have my day planned already, as it’s doctor appointment day. That  will take up most of the time, and I also need to go shopping at the market for food items I have run out of.

I’m also going to try and get some reading done, write some notecards and get mailed out, and make today just as relaxing as I can.