Call Your Mom Today

Just do it . Call your Mom. 🙂


Just Testing

I’m popping in for a few minutes to see if this post will publish as it should.

Yesterday, all I got was a little circle that kept spinning around. I have ultra fast internet service, so I know it cannot be my computer,lol.

Today Has Arrived !

It is Wednesday, February 1st 2012. I’m blessed to wake up and start a new day . 🙂

However, today is the day that I will be going to a dermatologist for the first time. My primary doctor told me a year ago that I should see a dermatologist. There is a sore on the outside of my right arm that has not healed in a year.

I have just kept it clean and put antibacterial cream on it, then bandage it. Now it’s oozing , and/or bleeding sometimes. Okay. That’s it. It’s time to take care of this.

So today at 10:30a.m. I will be body scanned by this new ( to me) dermatologist from the top of my head to my toenails! I will be naked ! I suppose there will be a covering over me and he will check my skin area by area. I think I’m a little nervous about this, moreso than the diagnosis!

I’m going to stay positive and be happy I am finally getting this taken care of. 🙂

Monday Monday

I’m all poo-ed out tonight.  I did several banking changes this morning, then came home and made a light lunch and had a cup of decaf gree tea.

 Later on around 1:00p.m. I took the bus downtown and transferred to another one that took me to Office Depot. I love that store! All I bought were some more DVD discs and some cases for them though. I played with the new Toshiba Thrive Tablet, I lovesss that marvelous grownup toy!

 I arrived back home at 4:00p.m. and then Scoot and I went to the grocery store and I bought a few food items. I still did’nt get that cake baked ! Too tired out. Good night , have a blessed one. 🙂

It’s Friday and It’s Payday!

Yay ! It’s finally here, payday.  🙂 Scoot and I have already been out and about this morning running errands and also stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a couple of prescriptions that were waiting, and some personal items in the  store.

We went downtown first though. Now we are back home, waiting for Scoot’s ‘surgeon’ to stop by and pick up his check for the balance for Scoot’s surgery. It was $160.00 and well worth it.

Oh. I have another fractured rib in the left top side. But life goes on, and we do what we have to do! 🙂  Pain or no pain, I’m the one who takes care of  ‘me. ‘  It happened Tuesday morning as I rolled over in bed, yelp !   I can breathe easier than just yesterday 🙂 YES ! That’s something to smile about ! 🙂

This weekend I hope to begin packing again. Yes, I’m moving across town to the area that’s safe and oh so beautiful. where I lived in the area before. I was called by the administrator just yesterday, and she asked me for several  items of proof documents. Since it’s only  seven blocks away, Scoot and I went to my bank and  I had copies made, and we drove right over there. I’m on a wait list, but  the administrator told me it could be July or August that she will call me so I can give a 30 day notice here at my present building.

I have contacted the movers and Steve called me back just this morning. We set the wheels in motion.

Now I’m going to go make some DVD’s of some of my movies so Mom  and her companion friend, LG can see them too.

Whomever reads this, I wish you a HAPPY WEEKEND !  🙂

Better to Smile Than to Frown

Where do I begin ?  I guess I’ll just start typing. There has been so much going on in my real life that’s been both good and bad. In fact more bad than good. But: the “good stuff” is what I look at and that keeps me going on.

I had not even recorded anything in since May 14th, so I finally did, just this evening. Tomorrow I’ll go visit   a few friends when I’m able to do that. I sang : “Waiting For The Times To Get Better.”

It really helps me to sing.

I did get a list of to-do things all finished except for the laundry.  After  sweeping and mopping floors and vacumning the living room and bedrooms, it was all I could do to just get the 3 loads sorted out !

That’s all for now, be safe be well !

Scoot Takes Me Places !

Scoot is what I affectionately call my little scooter, which is a Shoprider Echo 3 Model # SL73. I will be driving Scoot to the Doc’s in about an hour, and ten will come right back home.

I feel so great at the moment, because the injection is all wore off, lol. Sounds weird, but it lasts in my body usually for a week past the time I get injected again, every Wednesday.

An update on my walking: I’m not able to walk for blocks at a time, however, I am able to walk around in my apartment and also outside  and also I’m able to catch a bus  and go to the store without Scoot if the store is close to the bus stop.

Yay for determination and small accomplishments. One. Day. At. A. Time. 🙂

I hope to visit some blogs today when I get home, if the injection does’nt zap me first !

That’s all for now. 🙂

This is the next custom art I will order for my bedroom.