My Relaxing Happy Saturday

I realize I’m a wee bit late with my weekly goal of posting once a week. That’s because I still am sick, but non-the-less, getting better each day  🙂

I began my day today with a leisurely breakfast, finally got showered and out of my pajamas, dressed for the day.

I had alot of change stashed away in a small sized Zip Loc bag and also my little leather burgundy change purse I bought in the former Woolworth’s store in Miami Beach way back in 1986 !

My local Publix is only five blocks away, so I hopped on Scoot and went  there to their really cool  money making machine ! I just poured all my change into the basin of the machine, and pressed  the ‘okay button.’  The machine made noises, and very soon, I had my receipt slip that said ” $27.00 and something.”  I took it to the customer service and received my green cash ! That was an awesome experience for me ! I was all smiles  😀

CVS is over on the opposite corner and I needed to go pick up my prescription of Desloratadine. That’s a generic of Clarinex. This is by a doctor’s prescription, only. The over-the-counter allergy meds don’t phase me at all. This “generic” was Eighty-four dollars and change.

I made a  albacore tuna sandwich for lunch , with a banana, and watched  The Weather Channel while eating.

After lunch was finished, it was time to really relax. I turned on some soothing Zen music, closing my eyes, praying to get over this sickness I’ve had for a month.

Later this afternoon, I watched a movie on The Hallmark Channel, and after that, bumped it down a notch to HGTV and that is currently what is on right now.   🙂

For dinner tonight I made sauteed chicken breast with  Bertelli extra virgin olive oil,  with basil sprinkled on the chicken. Fusilli gluten free pasta went with it.

I feel really good tonight. Better emotionally than physicaly, but less stress will always make us feel better.  🙂

And this concludes my Saturday.


Still Sick Update

I’m still sick with whatever this thing is ! March 2nd and feeling worse.

When I cough, there is hard pain in lower back of my head. It stops when coughing stops.

Now I have a pulled muscle and ribs fractured from coughing so much. Very painful, just  moving in any way.

The head pain is worse than the rib pain, though.

I have not been eating much…just light foods and absolutely no cookies or stuff like that. No taste for them.

I forgot to take an extra Ester C last night. That seemed to help with all the symptoms the two nights I took it. That totals 1,000 mg of Ester C per day, if I don’t forget. My round of antibiotic is done, and I take Clarinex by prescription. It helps. It’s very expensive, though. $97.73 for fifteen tablets.

The weather here is gorgeous and sunny…..and a VERY HIGH POLLEN COUNT !!!   I don’t go outside , only if I absolutely have to go to Publix or CVS five blocks away from here. I ride my scooter, so I need to wear a pollen mask. I bought a box of fifty of them from CVS Friday, for only $11.00 and change.

I have an appointment with my primary care Dr. tomorrow, Monday at 10:30 a.m.  My right side lung is so sore , it’s hard to tell if pain is from the ribs, or fluid in my lungs.

I hope and pray so much that this thing that has me so sick, will go away and stay away !

YouTube and Google Plus

First of all, I was forced along with many many other youtuber’s, to join Google Plus.

I don’t see any sense in using Google Plus ! I do not like it, and I think Google is only doing

this to  try and get ahead of that other horrible social site, FaceBook.

Now when we want to comment on a  YouTube video, it goes right into Google Plus,

and who knows where else !

Also, I have been irritated with that yellow strip of another one of Google’s forcing products : Chrome for my browser ! NO Thankyou !!!

Google has the best search engine…and I do like their email program and  the way it’s formatted.

My friend’s count on me to comment on their videos ! I love to do that when I’m able to. Now Google has made it  un-do-able.

Seahawks Win Super Bowl 2014 ! 43 to 8 Big Win !

I had just woke up from a two and a half hour Sunday nap. What ? Oh my gosh ! I missed the first two quarters of the biggest football game !

Well, no biggie, because I like the last two quarters, anyway ! But there it was… team, Go Sea Hawks !, was out in front and I mean front, by a long way !!

I missed halftime by sleeping, but I caught five great Super Bowl commercials ! 😀

It was hard to pick my most favorite, but the Clydsdale and the Puppy stole my heart.  This is a winner commercial, and the big winner, the Seattle Sea Hawks !  Congrats to you !

A Gentle Reminder

The WordPress powers that be, sent me an email as a gentle reminder that I am due to make a post.

Hmmm, that I am ! I just did’nt realize how time has gone by, being so busy or just plain tired !

So Thankyou , WordPress, for the gentle reminder !   🙂

And while I’m thanking people, I’d like to say “thankyou” to all of you who take out your time to come over to my blog, and read, or comment, or click on the like button, or all of the above !




Phil Everly Has Died

Friday, January third 2014, Phil Everly died of COPD. It’s a lung disease. Phil was 74.

He will be missed dearly. My favorite song from the popular duo was/is ” Dream . “

Rest in Peace, Phil Everly.

Read more about this here :