A Gentle Reminder

The WordPress powers that be, sent me an email as a gentle reminder that I am due to make a post.

Hmmm, that I am ! I just did’nt realize how time has gone by, being so busy or just plain tired !

So Thankyou , WordPress, for the gentle reminder !   🙂

And while I’m thanking people, I’d like to say “thankyou” to all of you who take out your time to come over to my blog, and read, or comment, or click on the like button, or all of the above !





Windows Lumia 822 Phone Amarillis Flower

Windows Lumia 822 Phone Amarillis Flower

A lovely amarillis flower was just waiting to have it’s picture taken. I took this in the garden , where I lived a few months ago.

Earthquake In the Straits of Florida Today

The earthquake was a medium quake, at a 5.1 magnitude. It was close to Havana , Cuba, and was felt by people there and elsewhere. Here in Florida, shaking was felt in Ft Myers, and Miami.

I’m in the St Petersburg FL area, and did’nt feel anything….except my stomach shaking from being sick  all day !

Snooki Gets Tested for Her Ethnicity

This is something I have always wanted to do. I have always been curious about who I am and where I came from. Snooki and hubby and baby are so beautiful !

I never watched the tv show, Jersey Shore, but  could’nt help but be kept up with the show by tv interviews and internet goings on, lol 🙂


Here’s To The Best Stuff for 2014 !

My sister, Janet and I are not really close, but we are ‘close.’ In heart. We have decided to call each other more this year. In fact, it was my sis who suggested it ! 🙂 That makes me happy! 🙂 Here here ! Cheers !

WP_20130824_009 I wonder who was sitting here ?

Photo taken with my Windows 8 phone a few weeks ago .

Phil Everly Has Died

Friday, January third 2014, Phil Everly died of COPD. It’s a lung disease. Phil was 74.

He will be missed dearly. My favorite song from the popular duo was/is ” Dream . “

Rest in Peace, Phil Everly.

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