Really, I Did Get The Flu Shot

I received my flu shot this past Fall, in October. I thought that would keep me from being so terribly sick for the flu season. I have not been able to talk  at times.  I cannot sing at all !  My voice has been so hoarse, and the coughing just won’t stop!  I had fever and chills just one night. I have been 10 days with this ‘disease’ what ever it is. I wish it would leave, now ! Hard headaches have decided to join in also.

The pollen count in my zip code has been extremely high ! Oak trees, Juniper, and some kind of grasses are the culprits.  I don’t really know for sure what I have, and neither does my doctor. He’s trying his best to help.

My primary care doctor prescribed Clarinex and an anti-biotic, Doxycycline…as he heard wheezing when he checked my lungs, last Monday. I will see him again tomorrow morning.

On top of this, I damaged a nerve in my right thumb that travels down to my palm, and up my wrist ! Ouch ! It’s doing much better, though.

Add to that, my left leg got gashed open a good two inches, near the bottom, last Sunday. It’s still seeping but I think it will be okay. I’m experienced with the bandaging now, as I learned from the skin cancer surgeries in 2013 and 2012.

Botton line : This is why I have’nt been around in WordPress. So sorry, as I do love to read other blogs and spend some time here, but with all this happening to me, I just don’t feel like it.

Oh I know this bout of illness will pass, but it’s rough just getting by, day to day. I have a good friend, Charlie, who calls to check up on me, and also helps me when I need something from Publix or the pharmacy.  🙂

I hope everyone is doing well, or as well as can be expected.


Brand Name Prevacid by Rx and Over The Counter

Wow, I had to find out for myself what this ‘new’ OTC Prevacid  was like because of the affordable cost. I bought 3 pkg’s  at Walmart, thinking that it was “the same” as my prescribed brand name Prevacid I’d been taking for a few years. I have GERD. I need Prevacid because of the many toxic meds I take for severe R.A.  In 1990, my primary prescribed Prevacid for me to take as a “stomach Protector.” It did a great job…..until my insurance did not cover it anymore, because of the allowed OTC Prevacid.

Please read carefully : The OTC is for Heartburn , NOT GERD ! I called the manufacturing company and the rep said ” You are correct.” when I stated this product is nothing more than a glorified antiacid.

I have been taking the generic Lansoprazole for the past 4 years, as Prevacid is not covered on my Medicare/Insurance Supplement……Last night and today I have been on the phone, trying to get Prevacid covered on the formulary, because Lansoprazole generic has changed to another manufacturing company and it does not work !! I’ve been suffering so much and so sick for 48 hours now.

Bottom line : Over the counter Prevacid is for heartburn….NOT for GERD . This needs to be stated on the box front .