Eye Surgery and Today’s Happenings

My friend Bob came through his eye surgery really great! He has a large metal patch over his right eye and there’s a blue patch under that one. The top one is like a protector of sorts. He can see now !! He came up to my apartment after my friend Chris drove him home from the hospital this afternoon. There was a small problem, but they fixed it and that’s why it took longer than expected.

I fixed the contrast on his computer for him, as he had it extremely high. After asking if there was anything he needed me to do, I came back home and he has eaten and  is “resting .”

My day began as I woke up and sat on the edge of my bed, picking up my cell phone and calling Bob before he was to leave for his ride to the hospital. Let me tell you, last night I was saying “heavy-duty” prayers for him !

After showering and eating breakfast, Scoot and I drove done to the post office and sent off a couple of paid bills. Ahhhh, that felt good to have them paid! 🙂

Then we took the curves and intersections at a pretty good speed, but carefully, and went to the pharmacy, CVS and picked up two prescriptions and then checked out and drove across the street to Publix grocery store for a few food items I was out of.

I have yet to call Mom and see how she is today , after going to the casino up at Soaring Eagle in Michigan. My sister Janet,  took her there for Mother’s Day gift. Mom loves all the noises up there, so she says, haha. 😉

Now I’m relaxing after a worrisome morning and have even did a recording in SingSnap today that’s by the Ronettes, a singing group from back in the 60’s.  It was fun, and I chose a theme in red and golds for the background.

Now it’s time for supper already ! My goodness, where does the time go !? Today has been sunny and hot and is chamber of commerce weather here now. We will enjoy this while we can, because soon, we will be super hot until near the end of October!

That’s all for now. 🙂


Not Walking, Anymore ?

I have always loved to walk, and now to find out in my later years because of the severe R.A. I have,  surgery is not an option for me. The orthopedic surgeon told me yesterday ” You are not a candidate for knee surgery. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you.”

That was hard to take, and now  a little over 2

Pillars of Strength, I Need to be Like This

4 hours have passed. I’m going to accept this, as that’s really all I can do, being the person that I am. I’m grateful I’m still alive and have a scooter to drive down the sidewalks and across the roads.

I was referred back to my specialist R.A. and bone doctor. My regular every 3 months checkup is not until October 22nd, with labs to be done a week before the appointment.

My knee joints are still there, but not much is left of them. X-rays showed they are pretty much eaten by rheumatoid arthritis. My former RA Doc had told me around five years ago that this disease would progress and get worse, not better, and to be prepared. One cannot be prepared for something like this!

My life as I have known it, is about to change drastically. A broken wrist which I woke up with Monday morning, does not make matters any easier to tolerate.

God has our lives all planned out for us before we are born. I know in my heart “there’s a reason for everything.” I have to accept this and deal with it.

It’s going on 6:30p.m. here now and I have not made anything for supper. There’s just myself, so I think I’ll make a white albacore tuna salad sandwich and jello will be dessert.

I have several Lean Cuisine microwave dinners in the freezer, but am just not that hungry tonight. Methotrexate injections will do that to a body, lol ! That injection messes with the body, but does help with calming the inflammation without interferring with the coumadin I take.