A Gorgeous Day In St Petersburg, Florida Today!

ImageThis  is a new way for me to post a photo ! I love it! Okay, now today looked exactly as this picture looks, only I did’nt take it ‘today’ persay, today is a gorgeous Chamber of Commerce day !


Amtrak Station Tampa To Miami

This is me, Sunny, going to Miami Beach! Click on the photo to enlarge

This is me a year ago, waiting patiently and so happy and excited to be going on my vacation to Miami Beach! I’m sitting in the Tampa Amtrak Station, and my friend Bob took this picture. Amtrak is so fun and is currently the only way I can travel. I’m planning a trip ( long journey) to my home state of Michigan on Amtrak  for next year around September. I’ll have to book a little bedroom though. It’s a 4 day trip!

Miami Beach Florida

Here is another photo I took while on vacation in Miami Beach last year.

My most fave place to sink my toes into the sand

I used to actually live right across the street from here, as this is the 38th street entrance from the boardwalk, to the beach. Collins Avenue is a 1/2 block back west from here. The apartment building  was being gutted and renovated in 2009, and I was sad to see the place go, as it was in good shape and very Art Deco-ish! But developers wanted to make it newer and get more “money.”

Miami Beach Photo I Took From The Boardwalk

This is a picture  I took while on vacation in Miami Beach Florida last year. Miami Beach was my home for a good long while. Today I woke up thinking of friends , so many friends that are now gone to be at Peace, or have moved and we all have lost contact. One of them is Paul but he’s very ill now. It’s so sad…he did’nt even know me when I was there to visit him.  Paul is “one of the bunch” of us who all hung out together. He is in his late 70’s  ~

Anyway,  I just love the three palm trees I captured in this picture with the sun rays ~

I took this from the board walk last year, while on vacation