September 11th 2010

Since my Aunt Fran’s birthday is next Sunday, I checked the weather radar and then hopped on Scoot and we drove all the way down to Beach Drive and made a left, passing by quite a few new restaurants and businesses. They all have pretty landscaping and one restaurant in particular, reminded me of Miami Beach on Lincoln Rd.

I took a picture , in fact about 12 of them, and saved eight. Here’s one :

St Petersburg Florida

After cruising down the sidewalk, dodging people and poochies, we arrived at The Chihuly Center Collection. It opened here in July 2010. This is where I bought my Aunt her birthday gifts. I just know she will love them!

Scoot and I left the Chihuly Collections, and drove to the intersection and waited for traffic to pass. Then we went over to the park and I sat on my favorite bench down by the water, at the Vinoy Marina. It was such a lovely day… just relax and count my blessings, and reflect on the day , the horrific tragedy that happened¬† on 9/11 nine years ago.

Vinoy Basin, St Petersburg, Florida

I looked out over the rippling waters, so peaceful, and said some silent prayers. 


Beach Drive St Petersburg