Best of 2012

Here it is , only  two days left in 2012 in my corner of the world.

I have had a tumoultous and frightening 2012 , but the best of 2012 where I’m concerned has out-weighed the bad.

My Best of 2012 : The week of July 11th when my son Joseph, daughter-in-law Mollie, and two of my grand children , Michael 12, and Cassy, 17 came to visit me on Treasure Island , Florida.

We all had a wonderful time and my long time friend Bob, was there too.  Birthday dinner, party after and just hanging out together was something of a miracle !


Eye Surgery and Today’s Happenings

My friend Bob came through his eye surgery really great! He has a large metal patch over his right eye and there’s a blue patch under that one. The top one is like a protector of sorts. He can see now !! He came up to my apartment after my friend Chris drove him home from the hospital this afternoon. There was a small problem, but they fixed it and that’s why it took longer than expected.

I fixed the contrast on his computer for him, as he had it extremely high. After asking if there was anything he needed me to do, I came back home and he has eaten and  is “resting .”

My day began as I woke up and sat on the edge of my bed, picking up my cell phone and calling Bob before he was to leave for his ride to the hospital. Let me tell you, last night I was saying “heavy-duty” prayers for him !

After showering and eating breakfast, Scoot and I drove done to the post office and sent off a couple of paid bills. Ahhhh, that felt good to have them paid! 🙂

Then we took the curves and intersections at a pretty good speed, but carefully, and went to the pharmacy, CVS and picked up two prescriptions and then checked out and drove across the street to Publix grocery store for a few food items I was out of.

I have yet to call Mom and see how she is today , after going to the casino up at Soaring Eagle in Michigan. My sister Janet,  took her there for Mother’s Day gift. Mom loves all the noises up there, so she says, haha. 😉

Now I’m relaxing after a worrisome morning and have even did a recording in SingSnap today that’s by the Ronettes, a singing group from back in the 60’s.  It was fun, and I chose a theme in red and golds for the background.

Now it’s time for supper already ! My goodness, where does the time go !? Today has been sunny and hot and is chamber of commerce weather here now. We will enjoy this while we can, because soon, we will be super hot until near the end of October!

That’s all for now. 🙂

Monday Monday

I sincerely hope all the Mom’s and Dad-Mom’s had a nice Mother’s Day Sunday. I sure did ! This is the first year in a very long time that I was actually happy. I am “happy” to have given birth to 5 beautiful children and now they are all grown and have families of their own, which makes me a Gramma and Great-Gramma!

I talked with my Mom and also my sister up in Michigan this morning…well in fact, I talked twice with Mom. 🙂 She is 87 now. Wow.

My friend Bob sent her a pretty Mother’s day card , as his Mom is passed away. I’m concerned for him tonight as he will be going into surgery at 9:00a.m. Monday for his eyes.

My friend Chris is driving him to the Va. hospital and picking him up a few hours later. I will help him when he gets home. He will have 11 days off from his part-time job so he can heal and re-couperate from the delicate eye surgery.

Huge News !

The huge news is : I’m going to be a ” Great-Grandma ” this year, with baby due December 21st. I’m thrilled about this ! I received the good news on Sunday.

 My son Joe will be a Granpa at age 42! I wanted so much to post congrats and happyness on his FaceBook wall, but since he has not communicated with me since 1995, I felt un-comfortable and also did’nt want to make ‘waves.’

 I have some  riff-raff ex-relatives that are bent on hurting me.  So I’m just blogging about this, and of course, have talked with my Mom and my sister and my Aunt and Uncle. We are all so happy !!

September 11th 2010

Since my Aunt Fran’s birthday is next Sunday, I checked the weather radar and then hopped on Scoot and we drove all the way down to Beach Drive and made a left, passing by quite a few new restaurants and businesses. They all have pretty landscaping and one restaurant in particular, reminded me of Miami Beach on Lincoln Rd.

I took a picture , in fact about 12 of them, and saved eight. Here’s one :

St Petersburg Florida

After cruising down the sidewalk, dodging people and poochies, we arrived at The Chihuly Center Collection. It opened here in July 2010. This is where I bought my Aunt her birthday gifts. I just know she will love them!

Scoot and I left the Chihuly Collections, and drove to the intersection and waited for traffic to pass. Then we went over to the park and I sat on my favorite bench down by the water, at the Vinoy Marina. It was such a lovely day… just relax and count my blessings, and reflect on the day , the horrific tragedy that happened  on 9/11 nine years ago.

Vinoy Basin, St Petersburg, Florida

I looked out over the rippling waters, so peaceful, and said some silent prayers. 


Beach Drive St Petersburg