YouTube and Google Plus

First of all, I was forced along with many many other youtuber’s, to join Google Plus.

I don’t see any sense in using Google Plus ! I do not like it, and I think Google is only doing

this to  try and get ahead of that other horrible social site, FaceBook.

Now when we want to comment on a  YouTube video, it goes right into Google Plus,

and who knows where else !

Also, I have been irritated with that yellow strip of another one of Google’s forcing products : Chrome for my browser ! NO Thankyou !!!

Google has the best search engine…and I do like their email program and  the way it’s formatted.

My friend’s count on me to comment on their videos ! I love to do that when I’m able to. Now Google has made it  un-do-able.


Twitter and WordPress

I cannot seem to get Twitter over there on my sidebar! I have done everything correctly, I think. Haha, “I think”  are the key words here!

Oh well, I don’t have time to search and figure this out now, as I’m about to cook breakfast and hop in the shower, and then Scoot and I will drive over to the professional building for a second appointment ( follow-up) with my new endocrinologist.